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What is PlayBets and what is that platform for?
PlayBets is a first decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games. One of its key features is extremely simple and appealing gambling games designed for anyone, even non-gambling gamers, with open and provably fair, honest game results. Platform unites game developers and gamers, includes loyalty program and it is built on a regular Jackpots between players, game developers and token holders.
What makes PlayBets different from other casinos, platforms?
1. Honesty. Proverably Fair gambling (Provably Fair). 2. Multicurrency. Accepting bets for up to 20 different types of cryptocurrency. 3. The unifying game platform. Hybrid publishing model with game developers (games placement and purchasing, with platform tokens charging). 4. Mass character. The profiling of the gaming platform on mass games, for different audiences for even gambling players. 5. Internal Ecosystem, in the form of global Jackpots, which are distributed among players, developers and holders of platform tokens (weekly and monthly). 6. Blockchain integration of the Jackpots operation. 7. Smart contract integration for: - checking the availability of tokens and participants tickets crediting from participants (jackpots drawing); - crediting of winning funds to the participant's wallet (jackpots drawing). 8. Platform Tokens Ecosystem: - opportunities to play for Tokens and place bets; - participation in the Jackpots (weekly, monthly); - rotation on the Cryptocurrency slot exchanges. 9. Finished MVP platform version. 10. A proven and well-designed Business Model (gaming platform development and its growth prospects is conditioned by the business plan and metrics, based on the experience of the team and related gambling projects). 11. Ability to scale the platform, according to the White Label program.
What are the stages of fees?
Closed Pre-Sale (early tokens sale, with maximum discount) during the period from December 22 to February 28 Pre-ICO (tokens sale with the discount) during the period from March 1 to March 26 ICO (tokens sale with the minimal discount) during the November
What are the discounts on the stages of fees?
Discounts depend on the stage and the date. Base tokens price. Closed Pre-Sale. Token's price 10.000 PLT = 1 ETH Pre-ICO. Token's price 8.000 PLT = 1 ETH ICO. Token's price 6.000 PLT = 1 ETH
Were can I buy PlayBets Tokens?
Only on the official platform PlayBets
How does the Token Sale work in ETH (Ethereum), ETZ (EtherZero) and other crypto-currencies?
All the backers send the crypto currency to the specified PlayBets token sale wallet, after the completion of Сrowdsale in November / December backers will need to undergo the KYC procedure. After that, the PLT tokens will be transferred to the specified wallets of the backers.
How does Token Sale work when purchased in BTC, LTC and other altcoins?
A form must be sent to, indicating: - the name of the currency - the wallet number A PlayBets representative will get in touch and the transfer will be performed manually
How will the funds from crowdsale and issuing tokens be spent?
All funds, collected during the crowdsale campaigns, will be used for development, promotion and growth of the PlayBets game platform. White Paper includes a detailed funds distribution.
What is the expected RoI and Token Growth?
Due to the business regulations and the differences between types of payment facilities, we cannot predict their growth. You can visit our White Paper, in which we analyze the our game platform potential growth and assess future possibilities.
Where can I get information about your smart contract?
The information is freely available on Github
Why will the price of your PLT token grow?
Platform’s audience increase may contribute to the PLT token potential growth, because, it will lead to the growth of Jackpot lotteries between players and token holders. In other words, the more people are connected to the PlayBets game platform, the greater the PLT tokens, PlayBets Coins and Jackpots turnover, which will lead to the possible company’s income increase and influence of the PLT token growth. What is important: we cannot guarantee tokens growth for several reasons. Its purchase is not an investment. It is also important to note, that it is a Utility token, which is used directly in the game platform services.
Which cryptocurrencies will trade the PLT token at an early stage?
Our aim is not to go inside the stock exchange, but in order to support our bakers, we are planning a possible early entry into the cryptocurrency exchanges in Q1 2019, which exchanges we will inform additionally.We beg you to understand the description, as to the forecasted description, the stock exchanges and the terms may change, since the primary goal of our team is product development, and the exit to the platforms are secondary.
What are the Jackpots?
This is a regularly drawing Weekly and Monthly prize funds between players and token owners, accounting for 20% of the revenues of the gaming platform. More details about them can be found in White Paper
Why will the Jackpots grow?
They depend on the growth in the number of the games, users and bet amounts. They also depend on the game platform’s revenue. For the information about the Jackpot prize fund forecast growth, please, White Paper.
When will the first Jackpot lotteries be held?
The first Weekly Jackpot lottery is scheduled for December 2018 The first Monthly Jackpot lottery is scheduled for December 2018