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Problem one
Problem two
Problem three
A key problem in gambling games is their question honesty and impartiality; the results of games can not be verified
Gamblings and gaming platforms main problems:
  • lack of transparency in hosting games and tournaments
  • complexities with fiat currency associated with commissions and other operations
  • a focus on a few popular genres, lack of game catalog with mass gambling games aimed not only at gamblers
  • lack of focus on external developers, publishing activities
  • lack of clearly defined internal ecosystem between players and developers
Solving these problems with our many years of experience served as the inspiration for PlayBets — a decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games. One of its key features is extremely simple and appealing gambling games, designed for anyone, even non-gambling gamers.
Gamers All visitors to the platform will have the opportunity to play all types of gambling games with cryptocurrency. With fund deposits and withdrawals.
Game Developers Game developers can publish their games in the game platform catalog and collaborate with the platform for a game sales program.
Token Holders PLT Token holders are regularly participate into a decentralized Jackpots lottery , consisting of 20% of the game platform’s revenues.
Accepting Cryptocurrency Nine types of cryptocurrencies are accepted (PLT, ETZ, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, ETC, XRP, DASH). With conversion and withdrawal of winnings.

In a general sense, the game platform represents a catalog of games with mass gambling games with an entertainment character. Where each user can choose a game to match their taste, and play without any limitations, 24/7, with fast deposit and withdrawal of funds earned in cryptocurrency.Where is every game is Provably Fair , with open results. And also participate in the regular drawing of Jackpots of 20% of the total revenue of the platform, which are an internal loyalty program, both for players and owners of PlayBets tokens.

* details in White Paper
Main advantages
Proven business model

Development of the game platform and its growth potential are determined by a business plan and metrics based on the experience of the team and the development of adjoining gambling projects

Connecting Game Platform

PlayBets is a platform that connects players and game developers, which increases its growth potential many times over

Big Choice of Games

By the end of 2018, we plan to have published up to 5 - 10 games in the catalog, By year end 2019 – 30 gamesBy year end 2020 – 100 games

Mass Gambling Games

The platform is focused on mass games, for a varied audience of players, even non-gamblers

Token Ecosystem

PLT tokens encourage heightened involvement by all participants of the platform in its development. They provide regular inclusion in Jackpots, and also various systems for rewarding activity.

Honesty and Transparency

An open game results protocol is available in each game (hashing and decrypting system). Open winnings protocol for all jackpots (based on blockchain).


We plan to accept up to 20 different types of cryptocurrency, with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds through any convenient means


With an experienced team of developers, along with mentors from the gambling industry and experts in payment services and blockchain technology standing behind PlayBets, we are ready to take our platform of gambling games to a new level

Game Catalog
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have revealed new possibilities for the security, honesty and openness of games. Using this simplicity and safety, we strive to create popular gambling games that are just as simple for everyone.
You can play one of our games – Lucky – right now!
Lucky Lucky

A game of luck, where cards are revealed and the reward constantly grows.

Sticker mania Sticker Mania

Instant lottery. A set of each of the stickers contains 5 tickets. Each ticket can contain a reward.

Coming soon
Slot Boost Slot Boost

Simplified, new type of slots game. New game mechanics and a format with 3 and 5 drums.

Coming soon
Auctionist Auctionist

A betting auction where you must beat the bet of the last opponent.

Coming soon
1.037.964 Coin
PlayBets Coins Wagered (beta)
94.583 Coin
Games Played
PLT Token Use

PLT Tokens are a game currency within the PlayBets platform (when converted to PlayBets Coins). At the same time PLT is, as a tool for rewarding activity, also a token for participating in Weekly, Monthly Jackpots

Token Holder Benefits
Coins iconEntry into weekly jackpot lottery (10% of platform revenue)
Money iconEntry into exclusive monthly jackpot lottery (10% of revenue)
GraphicOption for exchange, listing on key cryptocurrency platforms
GamepadUse as a game currency on the PlayBets platform
ICO Details
DescriptionThe PlayBets (PLT) token has been developed to the ERC20 standard, which is part of the Ethereum network. It is a transferable token compatible with wallets and exchanges
Token NamePLT
Token TypeUtility Token
Overall Supply300.000.000 PLT
Token Price 12.000-10.000 PLT = 1 ETH (Closed Pre-Sale) - limited on request 9.600- 8.000 PLT = 1 ETH (Pre-ICO) 7.200 - 6.000 PLT = 1 ETH (ICO)
Accepted CurrenciesETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETZ (manually)
  • Stage
  • Token's limit
  • Token's limits on stages
  • Start of the sales
  • End of the sales
  • Token's exchange rate
  • Accepted currencies
  • Soft Cap
  • Hard Cap
  • Soft Cap of all fees
  • Bonuses (by purchasing in ETH)
  • Minimum sum of the transaction
  • Maximum sum of the transaction
Closed Pre-Sale Pre-ICO ICO
300.000.000 PLT (PlayBets)
3.600.000 28.800.000 207.000.000
December, 2017 March, 2018 December, 2018
February, 2018 March, 2018 December, 2018
1 ЕTH = 10.000 PLT 1 ЕTH = 8.000 PLT 1 ЕTH = 6.000 PLT
ETH; BTC, BCH, LTC, ETZ (manual)
$30.000 or 30 ETH $200.000 or
200 ETH, 30.000 ETZ
$200.000 or
200 ETH, 30.000 ETZ
$100.000 or 100 ETH $1.000.000 or
1.000 ETH, 1.000.000 ETZ
$10.000.000 or
10.000 ETH, 10.000.000 ETZ
Soft Cap — $200.000; Hard Cap - $10.000.000
1st Day — 20%; 2nd Day — 15%; 1st week — 10%; 2nd and 3rd weeks — 5%; Other weeks — 0%; 1st Day — 20%; 2nd Day — 15%; 1st week — 10%; 2nd and 3rd weeks — 5%; Other weeks — 0%; First day - 15% First week - 10% Second, third weeks - 5% Other weeks - 0%
0.01 ETH; 10 ETZ 0.01 ETH; 5 ETZ 0.01 ETH; 1 ETZ
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Road map

Technical documents

White paper
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Mickael Benjaminovich Mickael Benjaminovich Director Of Affiliate Marketing at Playamo
High-level marketing professional in Business Administration with major focus on Marketing, Advertising and Development. An experienced professional with 7 years in the gambling industry. Previously worked at 888 as Account Manager for 4 years.
Gai Drumer Gai Drumer Affiliate Manager в 888 Holdings
Gai is a professional in the gambling industry. Extensive experience in products, advertising, offline & online marketing and game promotion.
Владислав Щетинин Vladislav Shchetinin Head of Sales at ICOBoxr
7 years in the advertisement and games industries. Vladislav is an experienced manager and leader. In the last 2 years, has launched an entire range of marketing companies and events dedicated to blockchain marketing. Has launched an entire range of successful ICOs, including ICOBox
Executive Team
Евгений Лавриненко Eugene Lavrinenko Director and Founder
Over 9 years of game development experience. Founder of the Cells Games game studio. Developer of over 15 different games. Active participant at games conferences, speaker on game development. Many of the games he has worked on are shortlistees and prizewinners of international games exhibitions and gamejams. One of the more recent games, Madness Road, won the Unity Special Award 2016, and the game itself received support from such game platforms as Apple, with publishing on the main pages of the game store in over 120 countries.
No photo Andriy Sharanyevich Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Andriy is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with a 20-year history of working in gaming and gambling industries. Founded several companies which created over 50 games of various genres for PC, consoles, web and mobiles. Co-founder and CEO of Rockspro, the developer of premium gaming software and games for social and real-money gambling verticals. Engaged in PlayBets operating activities and gaming solutions integration.
Daniil Demchenko Daniil Demchenko Head Of Product
Daniil is a Game Producer and Product Manager with 14 years of experience in the gaming industry. Provided product expertise and leadership for the development of multiple successful bespoke apps for high-profile clients. Produced 'Microsoft Solitaire' — the most played computer game of all time. Produced 'My Om Nom' — #1 top-grossing kids app in 96 countries. Expert in mobile and web UX, gaming, gambling and blockchain; adept of Agile and Lean Startup
Dmitry Morsky Dmitry Morsky Lead Blockchain Developer
2 years in Blockchain development. Great experience in the integration of software solutions for ICO. Deep knowledge of smart contracts, the experience of development patches for the network Ethereum. Mathematical knowledge of cryptography, asymmetric and symmetric encryption, algorithms to achieve consensus PoW, PoS. Work with server-side frameworks, web3j, web3js, blockrail, integration of information with etherscan, blockchain.info. Work with private blockchain (corda, hyperledger fabrics), experience in projects zenome, jury.online, annihilatio, santiment, humaniq.
Vladimir Bobrov Vladimir Bobrov Blockchain Architect
More than 2 years in Blockchain development. Vladimir is experienced in tools and program decisions for conducting ICO. He is also experienced in development of cabinet of investors, smart contracts for jury.online, crowdwiz, anonym, viuly, expay, dragon corporation, etc. Vladimir has implemented state purchases tender system on blockchain and distributed registry system for OTC shares. Besides, he has an experience of implementation solidity in relational databases operation.
Mikhail Gabun Yuri Klinkov Chief Technology Officer
More than 20 years in IT sphere and 5 years in game development. Yuri is experienced in all positions from the Back-End developer to the SRT of game projects. Huge experience in new technological solution implementation and realization, extensive experience in Web applications and platforms. Participant of international conferences in the field of gambling and ready-made B2B solutions for them. Co-founder in several projects of mobile applications and web development.
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